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Clio 3RS Race Splitter CAD Files And Plans

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Clio 3RS Race Splitter CAD Files And Plans

Clio 3RS race splitter plans

Build your own plywood race splitter from a template or CAD file sent to laser cutting or router

12mm plywood recommended

Select from the menu below options for CAD files or DIY plans

CAD files option –

• Drawing of splitter outline plus bolt holes supplied in any CAD format (DXF most common)
• Option of model supplied in 2D or 3D
• Alterations can be made to the drawing at extra cost to suit your plans or build requirements
• You will receive CAD files by email

DIY template option –

• Physical paper drawn template made on a plotter machine to full scale allowing you to cut along the lines with a jigsaw for example.
• Posted out to your address in a tube via Royal Mail

You are purchasing plans for the plywood splitter blade only and does not include plans for mounting provisions.
The blade is designed to mount to the front rad support holes with longer bolts and spacers of your desired size. The rear mounts to the subframe of the car, you may also need supporting rods down to the front of the splitter blade.
This splitter is designed for race and track cars only.