Clio 3RS Gear Shifter Relocation Tower Kit

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Clio 3RS Gear Shifter Relocation Tower Kit

This gear shifter tower kit allows you to move the standard gear shifter mechanism up unto the cabin of the car raising it 85mm and allowing forward to backwards movement to suit exact driving position desired.

Raises shifter up to the steering wheel for a much improved shifting experience without adding extra throw from fitting extenders to the stick itself.

Due to re-using the standard shifting box Renault designed you not only save cost on aftermarket shifters but have a mechanism which works like OEM and does not stress gearboxes.

Direct fit bracket using existing bolt holes.

A new hole for the shifter cables is required to be cut in the bulkhead where best suits your requirement.

The kit fits both standard Clio gear shifter mechanism and Megane shifter for meglio cars.

Note - picture 2 shows custom machined gear knob which is not included in the kit

Note - Not for road use

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