Steering Column Kit Instructions Clio 3 / Megane 3

Guide to installing all WM Steering column kits for the Clio 3RS and Megane 2/3RS Range

Tools required-
• Flathead screwdriver or trim tools to remove plastic trim
• Torx keys
• Socket set with extensions
• Something to rest column on

Fitting process-
• Disconnect car battery, keeps it all safe (complete without at own risk)
• Use flathead screwdriver or trim tools to remove thin painted trim panels on dashboard, this will expose the Torx fasteners behind. These are easy to scratch so take care!
• Remove dash side piece accessible when the door is open
• Remove Torx screws which hold lower cover panel to main dashboard
• Carefully pull this lower plastic panel off the main dashboard, there are clips which need evenly pulling, once free disconnect the traction control switches by releasing the plugs
• You now have easy access to the steering column.
• Looking up at the underside of the dash, Remove the 4 nuts holding the steering column to the dash support, the steering column is held on tabs so will not fall unless knocked so be careful!
• If possible, get some help as the column is heavy and awkward to manoeuvre. It’s easy to do on your own if you’re prepared for it. Pull the column forward and it will slide off its tabs, let it down onto a box or something to hold it up, there are wires connecting it which do not reach to the floor therefore requiring something to prop the column up, a box is perfect for this. Make sure no wires are pulling or snagging as you lower!
• With the column down you will see the 4 studs the nuts were threaded onto. Now thread the spacers onto them.
• Spacers differ depending on the spec of car and what you have subsequently ordered.
• Clio 3RS “Full fat” spec cars have 4 spacers: 2 thick, 2 thin. The thick spacers go towards the steering wheel and thin go towards the fire wall.
• Clio 3RS “Base “spec as well as Megane 2RS and 3RS cars have 4 spacers all of which the same size and thin. Either install all 4 spacers on each stud or for more drop just install the 2 closest to the steering wheel.
• Re-assemble the column in reverse order making sure everything is correctly fitted and tight!
• Refit trim panels
• Reconnect battery and test.

By fitting this kit, you take all responsibility, I will not accept any liability or damages from fitting this kit