Clio 3RS Aluminum Radiator Support

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Clio 3RS Aluminum Radiator Support

Direct fit for Clio 3rs (197/200) this aluminium replacement radiator support not only saves weight but will not rust away like the standard items.

Weight = 1.8kg significantly lighter than OEM steel setup. (OEM support 6.5kg+)

Powder coated for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Direct fitment retaining the washer bottle mounts and front bumper mounts.

You can not use the engine undertray with this item as the rear legs are removed as per the Renault Cup racer car specs.

Suppled with stainless hardware for bumper undertray.

Raw finish item added as requested by many - this uncoated support allows you to weld and modify the support to you own liking or paint/ powder coat to your own colours.

Made from aw1050 grade aluminium which is weldable.

Note - not for road use

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